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Website Design Made Easy


Responsive Website Design

We design websites that are responsive in design, These are suitable for viewing on all devices such as PC/laptop, Android, iPhone’s and tablet’s thus giving your business a real online advantage.



Business Website Design Package

We will help you set up everything required for a successful online business including, Domain Name Registration, Hosting, Email addresses, Website Design, Responsive design, payment gateways, SEO & much more.



Ecommerce Websites Design Package

The term ecommerce website is better known as a shopping website. There are many platforms that now support shopping carts. Ecommerce websites don’t have to be complex. Let us help you to sell your products online!



All our websites are designed to be responsive and to display on all platforms

Building a website has become a lot easier with EcomGoLive. All our websites are based on content managed software, which enable you to create, edit or delete pages as required. No technical ability is required, if you can use Microsoft Word you can use our software!!

We have hundreds of designs to choose from and with our starter pack which explains the process of getting a website up and running it couldn’t be easier. We can grow your website as your business grows. All our website designs can be changed when required and additional functionality added. You may want to add a shopping cart to sell products or a social media links etc, this is easily done as we build your websites on scalable platforms.

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Start-up Website Package
  • Choose a design
  • Logo Design
  • Setup of email accounts
  • Enquiry form on contact page.
  • Free SEO optimisation
  • Updatable Content
  • We will create your first 4 pages


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Business Website Package
  • Choose a design
  • Logo Design
  • Setup of email accounts
  • Enquiry form on contact page
  • Free SEO
  • Updatable Content
  • We will create your first 8 pages
  • Social Media Integration


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Full Ecommerce Package
    • Choose a design
    • Logo Design
    • Setup of Shop
    • Setup of Categories
    • Setup of first 20 products
    • Setup of shipping and deleivery Rules
    • integration with payment gateway(PayPal Free)
    • Full user manual provided
    • Startup pack provided
    • Setup of email accounts
    • Enquiry form on contact page
    • Free SEO
    • Updatable Content
    • We will create your first 8 pages
    • Social Media Integration


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    The Steps to Successful Website Design with EcomGoLive

    Website Analysis


    It is important to understand what is the goal of your website is before we start to develop it.

    Many website design companies fail to establish the purpose of a website and ultimately produce a website that may look impressive but fails to deliver on client expectations.

    We focus at this stage on.

    • Website Purpose
    • Website Goals
    • Target Audience


    Website Planning


    Once we establish the goals of your website, we move onto planning. It is important to plan the details of your site and make decisions such as what platform to use, general structure, Domain name, Hosting Options.

    We focus at this stage on.

    • Software to use (CMS) or Ecommerce
    • Hosting
    • Domain Name
    • Email Accounts
    • Page Content


    Website Design


    Design is one of the most important elements that will decide whether or not your website is going to achieve its goals. At this stage it is a good idea to look at websites you like and ask yourself why? Google based its success down to a simple clean design. All our website designs are responsive and will display on all devices


    Website Content


    Copywriting is what will get your website ranked in the search engines and customers returning to your website.

    It is very important to incorporate your keywords within your content so that the website achieves a high ranking in the search engines.

    We focus at this stage on.

    • Copywriting
    • Photos and Video
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


    Website Development


    The development stage is pulling the previous stages together and creating the website. We create the html and css, code any additional functionality that has requested

    We focus at this stage on.

    • Html,Css and Content
    • Website programming
    • Creation of databases
    • Cmail accounts
    • Digital Media



    Testing the website before it gos live is an important phase. Customer will leave a website if they don’t have confidence in it, There are to many examples of ecommerce websites that don’t function as they were intended.. Simple mistakes as ssl errors on pages losses sales, We test all our website developments to ensure its error free

    We focus at this stage on.

    • Technical Testing
    • Browser Compatibility
    • Payment Gateway Testing
    • Does The Website Meet Expectations Of Client



    Now that your website is designed and programs tested it’s time to let the online public experience your website. An important point to note here is like any beautiful store on the main street, if the intended audience can’t see or find your website you’re not going to do much business. The work of promotion through SEO and social media starts now!!

    with our help and your hard work, we can make your online business a success.


    Our Skill Set


    Website Design: 100%
    Website Development: 100%
    Ecommerce & Content Management: 100%
    Website Hosting: 100%
    SEO: 100%
    Support: 100%